September 6, 2005

Cross practice

I've been getting some good training in this weekend since I didn't race at all. It was pretty nice taking the weekend off racing and just getting some miles in. Rode for almost 4 hours on Monday, it was so nice out it was hard to stop!

Tonight I got out on my cross bike and did a lap at the quarry just to see how it felt on the trail and to practice dismounting again. It comes back pretty fast but it takes a little bit to get the timing on when you're going fast. I whacked the back of my knee pretty good with my pedal when I started going a little faster so I guess it's good to get out. I want to do the UCI cross weekend in Michigan later this month but it's going to be pretty tough when I'm still training for the XC season. I'm not sure running is so good for my form either but I'll see how it goes.

If anyone has a cheap pair of 700c wheels for sale to train on, let me know. I want to set them up with road tires so I don't have to keep changing my cross tires over when I want to ride on the road.


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