September 7, 2005

Big brown came today

Glenner stopped by in the big brown truck today and dropped off my new JBL Encounter. Wow, it's sweet! I've had two steroes with speakers taking up space in my room so I've ditched those in trade for this and it's way better. I can hook my Ipod, DVD, or computer straight into it and get some serious BUMP out of it. The speakers kinda look like little martians, don't they? Whatever, they're small but they definitely kick.

So did Lance really "come out" of retirement? Is it even possible to "come out" of retirement if you haven't even missed any races? I wonder if he really is going to do all 3 grand tours like they say now. One second he's retired and the next he's racing 3 grand tours. Seems like he's going to have a full plate next year. To bad they can't get him back on a mountain bike at a few events to get some interest back in mountain biking.

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day. I leave for the 24 hour race Friday on the red eye to Denver so I have to pack two bikes and all the clothes I can fit in my bag plus work and ride. It's going to be darn cold up at 8,000ft at 3am so I'm trying to think of everything I would need for that. I guess we got a condo at the venue so that should make things better, especially if it rains and the forcast says there's a chance. Whatever, I'm excited.


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Jordan Carr said...

Ill see you up there this weekend!
Im doing the solo race. but I will be doing it singlespeed since my damn bike didnt show up yet. See you up there