August 9, 2005

Headed home

It seems that this was my last trip out west for the season. I pretty much feel like I live in Boulder since I have been flying/driving in and out for the last 5 weeks. Today we made the mad 9 hour drive from Brian Head back to Boulder but not before stopping in Fruita to ride some pretty sick trails ( pictures to be posted soon!). It was a pretty hot ride in the 95 degree heat and after 2 days of racing but well worth it after 4 hours of driving and 4 more to go.

My race at Brian Head was both encouraging and discouraging. I'm sure you've read about the long road climb up to 11,000ft at the start of the race, well, I'm pretty encouraged being a Wisconsin flatlander to go over the climb in about 14th place but then lose 8 spots on the fast technical downhill. I'm basically giving free spots away. The descent was really rocky and lots of guys were flatting so I was being a bit more cautious, plus I was on a hardtail, but Ive been racing the hardtail for about a month now I am really starting to like it so I don't think thats the problem. I think the problem is that where I ride in Sheboygan county there is a total of 20 seconds of descending and thats not a whole lot to practice on. I have been working on it though so I'm sure it will click one of these days, it would be nice to finsh 14th though when I've earned the places on the climb!

I'm flying back to Wisco Tomorrow morning and then I'm planning on doing the WORS race thise weekend so it shoudl be fun to race back at sea level, or lake, for a change.
I'll get a ton of pictures up when I can get them downloaded.


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welcome home brother!