November 26, 2011

Jingle Cross Day 1

Quick update from Jingle cross day 1. I had a decent start and felt pretty good the first two laps but I could tell I wasn't opened up good and a bit stale. Chris Jones crashed on the muddy off camber and let Driscol and Johnson get a gap. I was with Well and Jones chasing for a lap but barely just hanging on. Eventually Jones got going good and dropped me and Wells at about the same time. I rode about 20ft behind Wells for a lap but was starting to feel pretty slow. Brian Matter caught me and I rode with him for a lap until I dropped my chain on the run-up and he gapped me too. At that point I was feeling really crummy and losing focus. I tried to go with Troy and Shriver when they came up on me but I had pretty much cracked at that point and just let them go. I limped in for 8th, not a great race but hopefully the legs are opened up now and feel a little better.

I is raining now so the course will be a sloppy sloppy mess by the time we get there. Ellie and Jamie brought their rubber boots but I foresee a huge mess in the Subaru by the time we get back tonight.
Looking forward to testing the FMB Super muds, today should be the day

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