August 1, 2011


I found my harddrive with all my 2003 pictures and older on it. Man, I've been sitting here for an hour going through them. I posted a ton on Facebook, it is easier. Mostly WORS races and some road racing. Lots of memories there. I can't believe this was 1999 Crystal Ridge. Blazer won, Spiro passed me on the switchback downhill and beat me for 2nd but I was pumped anyway.


Holeshot? No prime that year but it was still blazing hot. Dad dumped a bucket of water over my head up the climb every lap.

There are two bikes I wish I still had. My Schwinn Homegrown bassboat blue and my team Saturn titanium Lemond. Remember Spinergy Spox? I'm runnin' them in this picture. The next race was Wausau and I think I got 30th. I was very inconsistent then, I think I blew up a lot trying to get to the front.

I also found a bunch of pictures from the infamous La Crosse mudbath race. It was epic to say the least. I remember Dewey Dicky passing me somewhere in there like I was standing still. It was my first Elite WORS race and we were just getting back from family vacation. Tractors pulled the cars out of the parking lot because it was 6" of mud after the storm.



Jessica said...

I remember that's where Brett Reimersma got E coli. :(

Josh V said...

I can't believe you've got pics from that mudbath. I can still remember how painful that was. Oh, and I still have my Bassboat Blue Homegrown. Don't ride it much, but it still looks good. Even the RS Judy SL's are still smooth.