December 18, 2010

First lap crash

Wow, cruising the internet tonight looking for a live feed for the World Cup tomorrow and I ran across these pictures from the first lap of the race last week. I guess now I know why Todd Wells beat me - he goes by in the last picture.

What happened here was that there were two lines around a high sweeping burmed corner, a high line that swept up and a lower line that stayed low. When you came out of the corner there was a sidewalk with lots of mud, woodchips, and a hay bale. I was taking the higher line because it brought you out of the corner much faster as you dropped back down the banking and allowed you to square up before going over the slippery sidewalk, it was way faster and safer.

I took the high line on the first lap and Lindine took the low line. Lindine came out over the sidewalk and just washed out into the hay bale. I was on the high line coming down at probably twice his speed and just piled into him, Driscol them piled into me. You can see from some of the videos how big a gap opened up from that lead group of 5 back to the next rider from this crash. Obviously Todd made it back across the gap that opened, but it took him a lap or two.

Just thought it was interesting that someone actually caught this, it was in the far back of the course and I wouldn't have ever guessed someone had it on camera.

Todd Wells rides by and up to the leaders while Driscol and I unhook my wheels from his handlebars. I thought my race was over here but I did move up quite a bit over the first laps and for a while closed a bit on Wicks. My fitness wasn't good enough to make up time on people though, just good enough to hold even and that's pretty much what I did the last 4 laps.


JohnnyBrison said...

Looks like quite the pile-up. What did you finish at?

Anonymous said...

Wow, great pictures. The adrenalin must've been pumping.

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Here are some from the other side of that view. Great race and fantastic season.