November 17, 2010

I thought once I got this far into the cross season things would be a little easier to manage with a decreased training volume but that hasn't seemed to be the case. I started a new job as I mentioned earlier and they thought it would be a good idea to have me work 3rd shift for a weekend, then first, then 3rd again. Right now I am working 3rd and then next week starting my job on 2nd shift. I'm having a hard time keeping things straight.
Iceman feels like a year ago. Brian brought home the money in a move I've seen him make every year - attack with 4 miles to go. It seems to win every time except that each year there is harder competition, I'm not sure the Iceman can top this year in terms of talent that was there yet the Midwest was on the top podium again - sweet!
Ellie and jamie were along for the long drive and that means Ellie completed her first Triple Crown series at the age of 16 months. Good job Ellie!
It was on the Fort Collins, CO last week for round 5&6 of USGP and luckily I was able to fly while the Gear Grinder crew and the recent Iceman champ drove out with my equipment and to pick me up me up from the airport. 6 hours of travel time total and I was at the race venue - that was awesome.
I didn't have my best legs of the season but managed a 10th and 8th both on muddy courses. Saturdays race was really slippery and I didn't have my mud tires along so that didn't help at all. I also got a tangled up with the Rapha/Focus mechanic in the pits when he hooked my bars during the 2nd lap and I lost contact with the Johnson group, I never came back to it and was a bit perturbed about that - he just walked in front of me with a bike and it hooked my bars.

Sunday was a bit better racing and I had better legs. It didn't change my result much but I got a little confidence back and hopefully once I get on a normal schedule again I'll have just enough in my to finish out the season. I lost a few spots in the GC of the of the series, but it will be a close battle through Portland. Jingle Cross up next in Iowa, see ya there.
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After you get your driveway shoveled you should write a blog post. Please!