February 2, 2010

Time is cruising by this winter. Training is pretty much in full swing and going great and the winter project list is getting shorter. I've got the basement bike area fully setup with a homemade bike stand that works a lot better than the type that hang the bike from the seatpost. With all the bikes going to seatmasts instead of posts it's impossible to hang them anymore so this type is a lot better and works with any bike. Plus, I made it myself.

I've been spending a few days a week skiing at Nordic Heaven in Greenbush and the conditions have been excellent even though we had 2 days of rain last week. Lots of time on the trainer too, but not spending much more than 1 1/2 hours at a shot, although Sunday I split up a 3 hour ride with morning/afternoon session, but I've been keeping it somewhat short since winter lasts a long time around here and we're only about 1/2 way through. I've been riding the snowmobile trails on my mtb too to mix it up and that is interesting.

Ellie sat down with me and helped get taxes started the other day. She cracks up at almost anything we do around here and thinks everything is funny so it's been great entertaining her, or the other way around. Either way she's been really good the last 5 months and even got her first tooth on new years day! She likes sitting in the basement and watching me work on bikes too, although we don't get much done. She tends to tip over while sitting so she's been working on her balance. I watched her faceplant a couple days ago, but she didn't seem to mind that her face was in the rug and her bum up in the air, she just kept on playing.
I watched the Worlds CX race Sunday afternoon and Stybar was the man. Sven looked like he might bring him back but crashed pretty good and never looked to get going again. It seemed he had a file tread front tire on, interesting in those conditions. Tim Johnson had a great ride and Driscol was impressive. Now we are all looking forward to 2013 Worlds in Louisville. While it is fantastic to think about, I am wondering how they will come up with the fans and spectators to look make it worthwhile, but it's exciting and motivating to think about and I'd really like to be on that worlds team. 2010 first though.

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