January 11, 2010

Winter Projects

Finally got enough new house winter projects done to be able to sit back and relax enough to enjoy them. We moved out of our small apartment early in December right as the weather changed from nice fall to cold snowy winter. I had everything lined up for redoing the garage roof because it was bad and I didn't want to do it in April when the racing would start. Then it got cold and started snowing and the project was more me vs. wisconsin winter more than anything else. That's when the neighbor told me I shouldn't be up there cause it was too dangerous. He also told me I'd have to do the house shingles too now this summer so I freaked him out a little more and told him I was doing it in January. Anyway, I had to shovel the roof twice just to get up there, and scraping 2 layers of shingles and ceeder shakes off even in warm weather is not fun, much less 0 degrees, but I got it done and it looks good now.

Moving into the house we had some projects like wallpaper removing and gold ceiling painting. Neither were really our style so we've been tackling those projects and making some good headway.
Ellie is quite happy watching from her throne during the projects and is exactly the oppposite of her first 3 months. She laughs and smiles almost always and is rarely crabby or unhappy, except maybe around nap times, but even then goes to sleep good and is sleeping 10 hours straight at night so we are all feeling pretty happy about that. She even got her first tooth on new years day!

So things are going good here and with the new house being 10 minutes from the northern kettles I've been getting there a few times a week. I finally got a nice ski waxing profile so waxing ski's has gone from an annoying job to a quick easy one, maybe it will get done now more than twice this year. I've been back on the trainer on the inbetween days of skiing just to keep the riding legs going and mixing it up like that feels good. Normally I would have been riding outside a little more, but we've had some below normal temperatures and with probably 20"+ of snow base on the ski trails I'd rather do that than freeze toes riding on wind drifted salty roads. I'm aiming at doing a for real cross season this fall so a little more down time and skiing time this winter should be ok.
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Biffbradford said...

I was freaking out when working on my roof in fall and it's not half that steep! LOL