April 27, 2009

I usually don't race in the rain but the weekend was so bad that at 4:15 I decided I couldn't find the motivation to get on the trainer any more and that it was better to just go and race than complain about he the weather. So, I saddled up and rode over to the crit 10 minutes from my house to see if anyone had shown up. It was pouring rain and 45 degrees but I had enough rain coats on the keep my upper dry which seemed to work well enough to keep me warm. Pulled the old garbage bag with 3 holes cut in it over my head trick out for under my jersey and then had an additional rain jacket on, one and half hours later when I got home my base layer was still dry underneath - nice.
The race was more of a training ride, only 6 guys in attendance but like I stated earlier, it was better than doing efforts on the rollers. Race dynamics are pretty bad with only 5 other guys to race against, reminded me of my jr. racing days when there were only 2-3 guys and no one could drop anyone else, we pretty much raced like jrs too and nobody could drop anyone so we all rode together and sprinted at the end. It could have been a fun race on a good course if there had been a solid field, but the weather hasn't been that nice to this race over the years and today was the worst I can remember. The steep hill should be good for me but numb legs and rain soaked shoes and covers made the legs pretty heavy and I never really felt that great. Cole House won the race with a good sprint up the steep hill to the finish, made it back from Belgium just in time for a beautiful spring in Wisconsin. Probably should have stayed in Belgium as opposed to WI this time of year, it's been slightly depressing weather wise around here.

Looking forward to this coming weekend of racing, I've been feeling good training and racing the last month so I'm hoping I can start finishing stronger and start looking for some results now that I have some racing in. It would be nice for some decent weather too for a little help in the motivation department.

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Are you racing the Baraboo RR.