December 20, 2008

It Was Just Like In Rocky IV

Friday's snowstorm was a little over the top. Big Brown said deliver the packages or else so I forged my way in to Sheboygan for the madness. I think I heard 10-12" fell from Friday 3am through noon. Impassable streets meant throwing the box over your shoulder and trudging to the house while Glenner spun his way around the block to pick me up at the other end. Snow boots and pants aren't recommended for running in, the hip flexors were on fire by the end of the day. After 5 hours of that fun it was in to the UPS hub to unload trucks the rest of the night. 9 hours total of running/box throwing = 45 hours for the week and it's definintley going in the training log.

We kept it real by laughing at the cars stuck in the road using their ice scrapers as shovels as they tried to keep their gym shoes dry standing in a foot of snow with no hat or gloves on. You'd think during a blizzard you might wear somthing warm and at least put some decent shoes on and NOT attempt to drive down a road that hasn't been plowed in your blown out dodge neon with bald tires - isn't going to happen buddy. Good entertainment though.

We made it though and at the end of day who wins in Rocky IV - not the gym rat. Anything for MOTIVATION.


Anonymous said...

you're funny

Mark said...

Deliver ups by bike.