August 21, 2008


Went in to the hospital yesterday to get myself screwed back together. The orthopedist thought it was broke in 3 places, but after surgery he told Jamie there were a few more small pieces in there that he couldn't see on the x-rat that would have caused problems, so it was good I had the surgery over letting it heal by itself. The two main pieces were overlapped pretty far and I think it would have taken a long time to heal that way, hopefully now that it is back together end to end and held in place it will be stronger and heal quicker.

I go back to get the surgery bandage off Friday, I'm hoping that maybe by the end of next week I'll be able start riding the trainer, even if it's only for a short time. The doctor originally said it could be 3 months before riding again the break was so extensive, but I think with the surgery I am hoping maybe 4-6 weeks before I can be training outdoors and hopefully I'll still make most of the cross season. I should be good and out of shape by then, but with a slower summer of racing and all this time off, I will hopefully have some good motivation and freshness to get me back in the game, that and my new bikes should be coming soon which will add even more to the motivation for a fast comeback.

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Allan Schimberg said...

Got some new titanium bling! If your bored this weekend there are AMA Supermoto races in Shawano. Take some notes on how those guys ride and you be "backin it in" all over SheVegas on the DR650 once you get healed up. Good luck with your recovery. -Al