August 25, 2008

I forgot to mention last weekend that Jamie and my sister ran their first 1/2 marathon on Saturday night. They had a pretty good time and did really well. They both had some pretty bad blisters at the end which made me glad you don't get blisters from riding.

The race didn't start till 7pm so it was pretty dark by the end, but it was fun to drive around and feed the girls and keep them hydrated.

I ended up missing the Olympic mtn bike race on tv, it was too hard to ever know when something was going to be on at the olympics. I did see lots of diving though, that seemed to be on all the time. I got on the trainer yesterday and rode for longer than I thought I would be able to. I didn't ride the trainer at all this winter so it's not quite right that I am riding it now, but I guess I need to for a while. I was surprised how much strength and flexibility I already had and it wasn't too bad. I might be better off than I would have thought.


Tandis said...

Who were those two amazing looking women?? Wow on the long legs! =)

ScottyD said...

Bag Balm is an endurance athletes best friend.