July 25, 2008

There's not much to blog about when I'm not training or racing too much. Watching the tour has been taking up my extra time that I have when I'm not working, it's been a pretty good tour.

Jamie has been training more than I have. She's doing a 1/2 marathon in August which she's getting ready for and training for that seems pretty hard. I think she is racing next weekend too at the Brat Trot so she's even racing more than I am too, pretty soon I'm going to be the one filling bottles and standing in the feedzone while getting sunburned and swatting mosquitos!

I've been feeling somewhat better the last few days and even did a few shorter rides so that is good, I don't ache very much anymore so maybe I've gotten through the worst of it. I haven't had good luck with doctors around here at all which is pretty disappointing when you leave with a big bill and no answers.
OK, back to the tour
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D A N O said...

Did you take this pic following your wife in a car?
She's giving you the "is that guy stalking me" look.
I've seen that look before....