June 18, 2008

WORS Cup Weekend

I've pretty much gotten over the bad weekend and have moved on. If you were there maybe you noticed the sneaky withdrawal from the backside of course, but hopefully you didn't. There aren't too many races where a bad start ruins everything, but Saturday was different and with a narrow course right off the start I was shuffled in around 15th with no where to go for the early part of the lap. Coming around dirt mounds on the backside of the parking lot I could already see Travis and the Lalondes killing it up the long grassy climb, I did the math quick and put myself at a minute back within the first 4 minutes of racing. I gave it a go for the next lap, but realized I just didn't have it in the legs to come back from that kind of deficit so I exited out the backside of the course to call it a day. Not what I had planned for the weekend, but sometimes you have the legs to make up ground and sometimes you don't and I just realized I didn't have it that day.
(Photos: Sarah Lukas)

Sunday things finally came around for the short track and with fresh legs and an awesome course I was hoping to hold things together for at least one decent result on the weekend. Earlier in the day my bars came loose during the Super D resulting in an embarrassing ride to the bottom of the hill - I'm sure many wondered why I didn't finish the race, well, that was why. I almost died when I reached for the brake lever and it was pointing at a 45 degree up and when I pulled it, it slipped straight down.
Anyway, Don had the perfect short track laid out and all in attendance agreed it was sweet. I bridged to Matter on lap 3 and we continued to open the gap on the others before Matter finally gapped me coming onto the gravel road as I slipped a little on the corner. It made up for some of the weekend, but hopefully I've got the mechanicals and cobwebs out of the legs now and am ready to race this weekend at the Superior Bike Festival in Marquette, MI.

Sunday at Marquette mountain is probably one of the coolest mountain bike courses I have ridden in the midwest so it was an easy decision to head up there for a few road races and the mountain bike race Sunday. If you haven't heard of the SBF - you have now and you should do it!

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