December 4, 2007

The Season Isn't Almost Over Yet

Airports are really cracking down on us cyclists these days, I consider getting away from check-in with only a $50 excess baggage charge instead of the $80 bike charge a success. This weekend was no exception and you can tell this girl is all business. I have been enjoying myself through it all though, mostly taking it out on other passengers.
When you're dragging a case like this through the airport the stares and questions that I get asked are hilarious and the highlight of the day. Once this case held a small piano, or so I said. I also have told one curious person I just plain packed a lot of socks cause it was cold where I was going and on the return from Portland just this week I agreed to tell one lady the contents if she told me what she had in her bag. The blank look on their face is priceless. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not mean, just having a good time. Most people figure out that I was messing with them when the person behind the counter demands $80 for the bike in their ever so kind fashion. They usually have no problem figuring out what it is.

Other than messing with people this weekend I sat by Jeremy Powers on the flight Chicago and asked him two things along the way. One, not to get me sick. Two, to mix me a sweet CD to get pumped for Nationals. Jeremy's a pretty cool character and someone who has been through sickness and injury and still come out on top.

In other news, I've been in contact with Geoff Proctor for a while now and it looks like things are settled for me to head over to Belgium for Euro Cross Camp V right after nationals. I'm pretty excited for the opportunity and I think overall it will be better for me than the worlds camp of last season. This will be an easier opportunity to get comfortable racing there without the pressure of the world championships. I think it will be a much bigger learning experience than just being thrown in like I felt last year and I have to say, it wouldn't be happening without Planet Bike. They have been fantastic for me personally, but also in all of Wisconsin with sponsoring the WCA Cyclocross series and I'm really thankful for the opportunities they are bringing me to.

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MadCross said...

That's awesome that you'll be getting to go to Euro Cross Camp. Congrats!