December 27, 2007

A Days Work


I still can't get over the amount of people that get involved in the races over here, not only to watch the races, but to get the bikes, equipment, food, and logistics dialed in for one rider, much less 16.
Tomorrow is Loenhout with 2 vans and 3 cars shuffling us back and forth at different times. If the juniors are lucky they make it back in time to catch the elite race live on tv.

Only two elite riders at camp, yet we still have 5 bikes and umpteen amount of wheels, or at least Ryan does.

Then you have the other 14 riders, and three mechanics working during the day to clean, prep, and pack the bikes for the next day.

Pictures don't normally go over too well on blogs, but this one I had to post. Obviously the food is different here, the Mayo is not quite Mayo, and the Ketchup is definitely lacking something, but worst of all are the pickles - those aren't pickles.

I'm usually pretty happy with a fresh loaf of break, a good amount of strawberry jelly and big slice of Holland Goulda to fill my appetite.

So, the athletes eat, train and race. The mechanics do their thing, the directors and soigners do theres, the people come out to watch, and we all go home tired.


Anonymous said...

sure doesn't look like milwaukee Midget pickles..

Wow.. Pickles? WTF?

Thanks for the posts..

D A N O said...

What a great experience!
Live it up, buddy!

I so wish that biking was the same over here. Those crowds are off the hook.

jsager said...

T-dog - carry your camera in your skinsuit's pocket next time you race...when Nys laps you, either take a photo looking back at him, or get on his wheel and take one of you two riding together.


grunt said...

Tristan, happy new year! Nice photos yeah those pickles look nasty-good luck out there let me know when you're back in sheboygan.