November 21, 2007

Rather Cyclocross

Getting ready for Jingle Cross this weekend. I'm hoping for snow, but I think it's coming two days too early. Maybe it will stick.

This picture reminds me why I have strange bruises all over my body. Ankle, shin, knee, thigh, and forearm from carrying the bike. At least I wasn't the only one caught straddling the top tube last weekend...

The disaster zone. Racing in the mud and boxing up bikes afterwards is not a fun job. Luckily the bikes washed off rather easy and by the time I got home the only project I had Monday afternoon was to apply some polish, air compressor the grass out of of the cracks, and lube the chain. I have my cables sealed up pretty well and they survived the weekend and came out working as smooth as when they left. It's always a bit stressful doing the first race on a new bike. You never know what's going to happen, if the bars will slip or the headset comes loose, but both worked great with no problems.
Today I did intervals all the way out to my usual motorpace turnaround, then I motorpaced back home with a 30 mph tailwind instead of the scooter - nice. It's called 'poor mans motorpacing'.
Hill repeats up the steps tonight, turkey tomorrow with a small run, then pack up the bags again for the 10th week in a row and hit the races. See ya there.


Anonymous said...

try some "Dry Cables"..they are basically the same as Gore Ride-on cables. they are totally sealed and work great.

C Money

Marc H said...