October 18, 2007

Back to Pacific Time

Not too many posts this week, I've been pretty busy since Ohio with setting up new bikes and making sure the old ones are still raceable one more weekend before switching over to the new bikes. It sure is a lot of work dialing them in when you've ridden two identical bikes for 2 years and then go to a completely different geometry, I think it's going to be good though, the one I had fully built was 16.5lbs which is almost a pound lighter than my current setup.

I got invited out to the races in California this weekend and decided to go for a little west coast cyclo cross action and maybe some UCI points at the most random and unadvertised race of the year, I'm not going to spoil it now and announce it so you'll have to find it for yourself. I was planning on hitting the local series this weekend, but a trip to San Diego and a chance at some points was all I needed to make the switch. I think the last 2 years I've raced in California I've come home sick and not raced for 3 months afterward, hopefully not this time. Next weekend is the first big USGP in Kentucky so I'm hoping to gain a few more points by then for a better callup. We'll see, if nothing else it will be fun to roll down the Pacific Coast Highway again and relive training camp 2003.
Fun times, looking forward to racing there too, I remember it being a place I really wanted to get back to again. I guess now is a good time.


Biwan said...

Give me a shout if you need some warmer weather to train in later on when it gets colder up there.

D A N O said...


Donut said...

Remember that time at training camp when Brian S. ran my car out of gas. That was a fun time.