September 4, 2007

Rock On

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This weekend I was able to rock out three pretty good rides with a few group rides and one solo ride. All were good and by Monday afternoon I was wasted and napping off the pain. It felt good though and hopefully another boost in fitness is made. There are some big races coming up and although I'm not putting huge pressure on myself to be in top form for them, it's motivating to at least do them with a hope of riding in the front group for a bit of it at least. Chequamegon is next big race, then the week after is the UCI races in Michigan which I'm hoping to have a decent ride at after a few more weeks of racing and training.
This weekend is a WORS race 40 minutes from my house, I'm not sure I would race it if it weren't 40 minutes away, but I suppose I should since it's so close. I'm hoping to use it more as a build for the cross races, if it was any more wide open and less bumpy I'd consider a cross bike, but I dought it would be faster in the end so probably not. I did get one of my two cross bikes up and running again, got some of the Belgian mud off of a few parts so it should be ready to go for some rides coming up.

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