May 7, 2007

Fontana Report

Actually, there's not a whole lot to report on besides that I still can't get over the insane amount of gigantic warehouses and semis everywhere here.
Saturday's XC was going pretty well for the first hour, I had moved up from basically back row to the mid 20's, but then midway through the 3rd lap I started crashing on every decent and bouncing off all the rocks until I could barely ride anymore. Then I tried going hard up the hills and found out my legs were gone too. Shifted to the baby gears and pedaled for a while till I realized my shoes were full of sand from crashing so much and I decided to stop and dump them out. My feet felt much better, but I was crushed mentally and called it a day at the end of the lap. I can't even remember the last race I DNF'd, but it definitely wasn't making me faster riding around at snails pace so it seemed like an opportune time to pull the plug.
In the middle of all the highways and malls in Ontario we stayed at the Best Western which was pretty sweet. It's pretty calm and quiet inside the walls, and the pool, hot tub and palm trees were pretty relaxing. It was even better this year since the wind was blowing a different direction from last year so we could actually see the mountains behind us that were completely covered in smog last year.
Sunday's shortrack went somewhat better than Saturday. I pedaled my way around two different first lap crashes from near the back and managed to get into some groups that were going forward. Ended up 23rd I think after losing a bunch of spots on the last lap cause I was gassed, but overall it was a much better feeling. I'm finding it harder than I thought to start the season two months behind the others that started racing in March, I'm really hoping that I can keep motivated and be feeling good in July when others have had a longer season than I will have had. Time will tell, I just need to get more races in my legs.
I'll be headed eastward towards Minnesota the next few days and hopefully will be feeling good by the time Saturday's race at Maplelag starts, I'm hoping for a good race against some strong riders that will be there.


Biwan said...

Keep it up T-dog, those others will be cooked by July. Expecially those Texans and other southerners.

D A N O said...

Fontana is the freight capital of the LA area.

Sent trucks there tons of times.

Keep em' rollin.

enduroloco said...

Looks like a few of us Wisconsinites are going to be there see ya and have a good ride.

Jamie said...

How about you just hurry up and come home already?!