December 13, 2006

Life In Connecticut

Life these days has been going kind of slow. There isn't much left on the training plan because there isn't much left to do. I've felt pretty good since the races last weekend but I've been taking it pretty easy and trying to get in maximum recovery while keeping my legs fresh at the same time. Kyle J. joined me for the races last weekend in RI and has been staying with me since, it's been kind of nice as I have been traveling solo for over two months now and was in need of some conversation.

I'm really excited for the big race this weekend. Each week from October till now has been a build up to this weekend and I think I'm feeling the best fitness of the season. I'm actually wondering what's going to happen after the race, I might go through some training and racing withdrawal. I've been so motivated and focused on this race that when it's over I think it's going to be hard to adjust to a few weeks off and cold weather in Wisconsin.
The weather looks like it's going to be almost warm for the race, maybe around 50. I guess that is good since there will be a lot of races before ours and that will hopefully keep the course in better shape than if it were wet and cold.
The next two days should be a continuum of the past, lots of sleeping, eating, resting and prepping for the last 2 days of the season. Last year things were pretty crazy at the event so I want to make sure everything is dialed and goes smoothly right up to the start this year.
It should be a good weekend, I'm looking forward to it. See ya at the races!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck, Show'em how its done!!