December 22, 2006

Actually, It Might Be Over

Recent Velonews article regarding the decision.

Photos courtesy of
I spent a good portion of the weekend racing Tilford

I said I'd have an update on the World situation by the end of the week and unfortunately it doesn't look as good now as it did earlier this week. I was on the phone again with Gully and it seems there are two other riders that are petitioning that apparently would have a greater chance of going than myself. It's really hard to say why because USA cycling doesn't actually have a cut in stone procedure ( at least one that is published for the riders to see) and it's more up to the coaches to select a rider at which point they look at the USGP series and how you did there. Unfortunately for me I didn't do any of those races therefore there isn't much to go on even though I am ranked higher both in the UCI rankings and USA cycling rankings than both the other riders which to me should have something to say, but apparently is not as much as the USGP. It really is not the fairest procedure if you ask me because there is nowhere that says USGP races are part of any selection process, yet that is apparently what they are looking at when they decide the team. I agree that it is the highest standard to look at as far as results, but then that should be spelled out so that a rider like me doesn't spend 2 months on the east coast racing only to find out the teams are all based on the series I didn't do, I could have focused on that instead if I had known.

It's not over yet though, I still sent in my petition and if either of the two riders don't go I think I have a really good chance. Unfortunately, I won't know until January 10 which is a long time from now to train while not knowing if it's actually worth it. I guess I will continue on as if I am going and if it turns out different I'll at least be the January champion on the Saturday morning breakfast ride and I'll at least know that being ranked 5th in the country actually doesn't really have any meaning at all.

Passing, er - being passed by JP

Spent a good amount of time racing around
with Tallouse who officially started the offseason a week earlier,
at least that's what he told me last week.
I won't be doing anything with the donation fund for now as it seems silly at this point to raise money for something that just might not happen. Hopefully things turn around so that I'm not wasting my time training in the rain, but training is training and you can never do enough.

I ordered some Sidi toasters today for my christmas present so that should help when the temps get cold, I can't wait to try them out.


Echelon said...

nice pics!

Donut said...

The toasters rule. I have had mine for 2 weeks and I was out for 4+ hours and my feet stayed toasty, and I get cold really easily.

cjs said...

You were mentioned by Gully in about racing at Worlds. My motto, "Never give up!"


Anonymous said...

gully talks about you on velonews about worlds, so maybe there is still hope.

jsager said...

[quoting Upton Sinclair] "You can't make somebody understand something if their salary depends upon them not understanding it."

Anonymous said...

So they have all year to come up with a selection procedure, and at the start of the season it still is unknown?
And those guys get payed with my membership fees?
Hope you go men!