November 29, 2006

Nothing Beats Training In November

Collinsville, CT

I've heard and read a few different places already of guys being done with their off season and starting their base rides already for next year, I think that's pretty funny. Ya see, half the point of the cross season for me is to race into December so that I can take the two worst months (for cycling at least) of January and February off and ski. Usually, fall is spotty enough that training isn't half as brutal as it is in Jan/Feb, so I'd rather trade the bitter cold of winter training for the spotty cold of fall cross training.
I mention this because I am still going gang busters on the training and realizing there are only 3 weeks of racing left and I'm going to be at the best shape of my year! I'll probably be able to be the "January Champion" without even trying, usually we leave that up to Tony Schwaller, but I might have it this year already.
It was nice only racing once last weekend because it allowed me to go for a nice long 4 hour ride on Sunday with the local group and recover on Monday. Tuesday was another long double day with intervals in the morning and a solid run in the afternoon. Today was a short intense workout at the Chainbiter course where I did some skillz practice and then about 15 max hill run ups.
My legs have been holding on pretty good which tells me I'm in decent shape. In fact, it's kind of strange when you're in really good shape and can do a hard workout ( or what's normally hard) and not be that tired from it. Sven Nys says when he's on form he can race and feel totally recovered by that evening.

This will be my last week of hard training before nationals and I wanted it to be tough. Only racing once this weekend again should keep things from going over the top and then the big two races next weekend should be perfect openers for nationals.
I hope you guys aren't doing too many 5 hour rides on the trainers yet, I'm waiting for March!


Anonymous said...

I've been training hard for the Fastest Channel Changer Nationals since Mid October. I think I'm ready to go for the championship.


Melis said...

Good to hear man, tear it up. Oh..& i still have not seen you outsprint T-steak to the sign on the breakfast ride for quite some time, so we shall see :)
Good Luck! Ride at the Holiday break???

Anonymous said...

that picture is in sheboygan falls...i think you are secret training again

kyle j said...

Did you register for nats yet? Shit i didnt know it was $52 a race! Ouch!

D A N O said...

As of last week, Tony S still holds the point lead for the Saturday morning Breakfast ride. However, Spiro seems to be finding his form and looks to put in a strong December.

Tony’s baggy shorts seem to be holding him back on the long road stages also so my money is on Spiro.

Steve Manthey has locked the sprint title again for the 6th year in a row having collected almost 80% of the “stop ahead” signs.

I’ll keep ya posted!