October 14, 2006

Ohio CX Race #1 - Java Johnies

The race went really well today. I got in last night and did a little preride to get the car out of my legs, it's always a little scary doing that cause you feel really slow and blocked up, but by today I was feeling normal. I was able to ride in front of the race for the first half, and then when I was asked to pull I put it down through the techiest part of the course and opened a gap. I was able to stay away, although I was out there by myself for longer than I wanted to be, but I I felt really good and came away with the win. When you get out here racing at the big races it's hard to come away with a win so I'm pretty happy to pull one out on the first weekend here, now I'm just hoping I can recover and do it again tomorrow. Two in a row would be pretty tough and tomorrow is the UCI race so everyone is going to be gunning a little more than today I think. I'll take the win when I can get it though and hope for the best tomorrow.
I'm tired, peace out.


Anonymous said...

Nice job. Keep the posts coming.


Anonymous said...

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Nice job buddy! can't wait to see some pics!

C Money

Tim Drankus said...

Dude nice work. Now I know why you leave town to keep racing. I'm bored off my ass.