October 31, 2006

My Stomping Grounds

Fall out east is about 2 weeks behind fall in Wisconsin so heading out today in 40 degrees and 25mph NW wind was a bit of a wake up call to the toes. Hitting the trails for the last time of the season was a good way to get back on the mountain bike after being stored for the last 3 weeks, it was also a warmer way of riding than out on the road. I've been riding the trails at Evergreen park for about 10 years now, I know every root, puddle, rock and branch out there - these are my trails and I know how to shred them.
The flight back home Monday was easy. A 10 minute drive to Baltimore International and a 1:30 minute flight to Chicago. I had to wait there for quite a while before my flight to Milwaukee so I watched the Movie Spy Game, I've never seen it before and I might say it's a new favorite it's that good.
The McDonald's in O'Hare is out of control. This picture does no justice as to the amount of employees one McDonald's can have working in a 20x20ft area at one time. I counted 18 red worker bees all scurrying around trying to fill the order of queen bee pink shirt. How many employees does it take to microwave some chicken wings anyway??
The weather is shaping up in Michigan it looks like, now it's 4o and flurries- I'm hoping for another blizzard!

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kyle j said...

So what did you order at McDonalds?