October 28, 2006

Keeping Entertained

This last week I have been staying with friends just north of Philadelphia in Willow Grove and he had a good line for me "Boredom is really just wanting something to entertain you".

I hadn't planned on riding much this week, kind of a scheduled recovery week, which was good since I was getting pretty tired of riding the only safe 15 miles of road I had found already, but bad that it was only Wednesday and I'd watched every movie they owned. So, Wednesday in an attempt to break free of the 1.5 hour ride, watch a movie, take a nap boredom that was growing old I decided that Thursday I'd really take an off day and jump on a train to New York. It's one of the few places left in the country I haven't been and I decided this was the best, cheapest, and easiest way I was ever going to see it - so I went for it.

Made it to the top of the Empire State Building
Walked the Brooklyn Bridge
Took the subway and just like Chicago's "L", that's were the real action is
And finished up at Time Square to do a little people watching.
I pretty much did a full loop of lower Manhattan and hit every major attraction I could think of in about 6 hours.
I think I must have walked about 8 miles and my hip flexors and ankles were pretty sore for the next few days but they're finally feeling normal again.
So, my curiosity of New York is over and I can check it off the list - been there, done that, what's next? I need to keep the trend going before I fall back into the "I'm bored" zone.

More New York pictures here.

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Anonymous said...

Tristan that is the coolest frick'n post you have made to date. i think your next adventure should be to europe. explore it like you did new york and couple it with the best racing in the world. great reading, thanks. JM