September 1, 2006

Friday Morning Post

Not too much has been going on around here lately. Training was pretty slow this week so I have been spending my time putting together my cross schedule and trying to line up bikes and equipment. Cross is really getting huge, I think there are close to 20 UCI races this fall and it's almost harder to decide which ones you want to do over which weekends have them. If all goes well, I'll be heading out east for a big chunk of racing again. This year the schedule is more spread out both time wise and geographicaly so it's going to take a little more planning, plus there are a couple of races like the Iceman in Michigan that conflict with a couple of the best VERGE races in Connecticut so I've got to plan around that too.
Looking at the cross schedule it's hard to complain that I haven't actually raced that much this year. Once the season starts, it could be full on - two races a weekend from October through Nationals in December and that would be pretty tough to do had I raced the entire NORBA circus.

It's coming fast too. I wanted to start motor pace training before Chequamegon, which is just two weeks off now, but I'm still looking for a driver (and moped for that) and it's only 2 weeks away now. I don't do a lot of crit racing anymore and I think top end leg speed is key in cross racing so I thought I'd try and give motor pacing a shot to see if it helped with acceleration and speed. If anyone wants to do some driving, let me know!

This weekend is going to be pretty quiet again. There's no racing that I can find so I might just have to try to take some points away from the regulars at the Saturday morning breakfast ride points series. See ya out there


Anonymous said...

Hey Tristan we have the copper harbor fat tire fest this sunday.It would be a long haul up here!

Anonymous said...

Some chat going on about this race on wors site.Non-wors events.

Kyle Jacobson said...

Tristan- does a racer need to have a UCI license to do the UCI cross races?
Looks like you can head east and swing back around... Michigan, NY, Mass, OH, CO. Which ones are you going to travel to?


kyle J

Tristan Schouten said...

I believe you that you do need a UCI International license to do UCI races although I'm not positive on that one.
I'm planning on hitting the Michigan UCI races, then I have a mtb race here in Sheboygan I'm obligated to be at. I'll probably head out east for the VERGE and MAC VERGE races middle of October through Nationals again.
Nothing final yet, but that's the plan so far.
Talk to ya at the races