September 21, 2006

CX Season Week 1

This week went by really fast. It feels like I'm still trying to recover from Chequamegon and I'm already packing my bags to head over to Michigan for the first cross race of the year. I was pretty blown out after Chequamegon and I'm hoping that with 3pm start times both days I'll be able to catch up on some needed sleep. I trained pretty hard this week on top of being tired, but I think it will pay off just in time for the Sheboygan WORS race.

Michigan UCI 2005 - Pipped at the line by Baker

The last few weeks were pretty hard training blocks, probably the hardest I've done since early this spring while riding base. I've been doing lots of 10-15 minute TT intervals in the mornings to work on my power and then have been getting out in the afternoon for cross practice so it's been pretty tough. I'm really looking forward to just racing this weekend and then taking a good couple days easy to recover a bit.
I had great photo of my new Bontrager XXX lite wheel set that Chris built up for me but deleted it by accident, these things are crazy light and pretty darn cool. I'll get one up soon to show them off. Carbon hub and rim. If anyone knows of someone that makes a V-brake pad for carbon rims let me know. I tried using standard pads but they squealed like mad so I can't use the wheels till I get that figured out - bummer.
I'll try and get a bunch of pictures up this weekend on the NEW photo album I started. It's on the left toolbar above my race schedule, check it out.
That's it, 7 hours in the car tomorrow is going to be a long day. Hopefully Chicago traffic doesn't add and extra 2-3 like it can do if it's in a bad mood.


Hauser said...


I know the demo carbon wheelset at the Stadium Bike shop in Green Bay has a special set of pads for demo riders, give Randy a call and ask what they are, 920-499-3400. Good luck in MI.

Shawn Hauser
Stadium Bike Racing

Sean Noonan said...

Hey Tristan-

I think I can find some v-brake cork pads for you. We had some at our shop this summer. I'm not sure where they were from. Send me an e-mail and I'll have figured it out by then.

Good luck in Michigan
Sean Noonan

Anonymous said...

Try or who makes a carrier that allows the use of any carbon road pad with a cantilever brake.

Anonymous said...