September 6, 2006

Bloggity Blog

Weird, can't seem to get pictures to upload tonight. That's a bummer cause I had a great picture of the mini Nestle chocolate chips I was eating after bonking really bad 5 minutes from my house today. Breakfast was holding me over pretty good until the last mile, then it was full effort to get home and raid for sugar.
I trained pretty hard the last two days and my legs are pretty tired. On top of that I was called in to work and ended up standing on my legs for 5 hours after a pretty solid ride this morning, gosh that's tough. Tomorrow is another hard day on the bike and another day at the shop, I wish it would work out different but it always seems that when I have a hard training segment, work always pops up and I have to burn the wick at both ends. I'll take the work though as it's been pretty slow the last few weeks and I haven't been racing, or winning for that matter, too much the last couple weekends so the money is good. In a couple days it'll slow down again and I'll be back to getting my car ready for an east coast cross season again, you know, new tires, spark plugs, washer fluid, things like that. I did take the time to wash my car this week, first time since March I think! Not too shabby.
That's it, no pictures and my blog turns boring. Maybe tomorrow.


D A N O said...

You take too many pics of food.

Anonymous said...

What kind of car do you have?