August 18, 2006

Nerves of Steel

OK, I know you all have done it. Taken your bike down, felt the tire pressure, went for the pump, and bumped the open presta valve and scared the living daylights out of yourself.
PSSSSSSSSSSSTTTT!!! AHHHHH SNAP!!!! A 90 psi poisonous snake, coiled and hissing right on my air valve!!
Sure Tristan, like there was a snake coiled up on your tire all night just waiting to take you out this morning when you went to air up your tire right?
So why does it scare the daylights out of you when obviously you don't have 6ft man eating snake hanging off your bike and you saw yourself bump the nozzle to make the noise???
I'll tell you what it is - it's the same thing that freaks you out and makes you swerve off the trail, dodging branches and almost crashing yourself, when what appears to be a terradactyl takes off out of the river your riding next too, probably coming to peck your eyeballs out if you hadn't flinched. Good thing it was only a sandhill crane, gzzzzzzzzz those things are huge!
It's the coffee I tell you. Almost 4 months off the juice and today, my comeback day, I think I overdid it. Good thing I was taking er easy today or I might have hurt myself.

I was actually out on my cross bike for the first test of the waters today and besides the snakes a dinosaurs I encountered it was a descent ride. I'm pretty happy to have a full cross bike setup and ready to race since it's only August, hopefully I can get a second one dialed in before the season hits!
A powertap on my cross bike, that's taking it to the next level this year for sure. I even averaged a man sized 95 watts on my ride today and maxed er out at 153!! No wonder I'm so tired.


joe1265 said...


You gonna make the Michigan UCI Dbl header again this year???!!!

Check it out at:

Ian Stanford said...

Damn it, those prehistoric birds still exist at 9-mile. I have seen them. 12 foot wingspans and all. It is a regular Jurassiac Park up there. Who knows about the valve stems. I still jump ten feet everytime I bump one. It has to be the coffee. One must define truly what a cup of coffee is. 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 32oz, Big trucker 64oz? Baby steps. start small.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,
Nice Ore2shore. Wanna put my cross bikes together too? Or more importantly glue on the tubies? That is the part that sucks! (or are you only racing Michelin??)
Research sucks, you've inspired me to go drink coffee and/or ride my bike instead.