August 22, 2006

More Tech - Respect The Interval

Diana Ross sang about it, Ned Overend earned it, and intervals deserve it. R E S P E C T
The killer interval workout, this one gets the best of me every time yet I always come back for more. It's my one workout that really messes with me, I always procrastinate on the day I'm going to do this one cause I know I'm in for a world of pain. 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1.5 minutes, 2 minutes, 2 minutes, 1.5 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds. Pyramid intervals with double the time off of previous interval. Sounds somewhat easy, but I double dog dare you to give 100% on each one and I'll bet by the second 2 minute interval you'll be stearing at your front hub and wondering if you're going to see breakfast again. By the last 30 second one I'm sure you'll have learned R E S P E C T for the interval.

It's interesting to see the difference between a 30 second average power output compared to a 2 minute average while heart rate peaks about the same for all.

So what does it all mean? Heck if I know, I just thought it looked cool. Strange, I've been doing this interval workout for years and it never gets easier?


Anonymous said...

Now that we know your cp .5,1, 1.5, and 2 min power, How about posting your cp 6 and cp 30 power? I've always wondered what it would take to be top 5 Ore to Shore. Of course, since the numbers are relative to your weight, you would also have to post your weight.

Tristan Schouten said...

Ouch, I'm not doing that workout for awhile.
I use this workout more for comparing recovery progress than to see my power zones. I fact, I was going to do power zone tests this spring but got sick and never did them. Now I just don't care at this point of the season.
I do know I can TT somewhere in the 320-340 watt range, pretty lame if you ask me but I couldn't win a TT to save my life.
I weigh about 155lbs well hydrated

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are NOT lame for a TT! Consider that the best in the world right now- Floyd Landis, with a little help from testosterone, is able to do a little over 400 for an hour.
How long of a TT are you talking about? If you take 95% of your best 20 min power, you can use that as your approx. one hour power. It saves you from having to suffer for a whole hour!

Anonymous said...

come on man, RESPECT was done by Aretha Franklin, not Diana Ross!

C Money

Tristan Schouten said...

I think you might be right on that one.
Dang it!