June 30, 2006


The tour starts tomorrow, who's my pick for the win? Well, I thought Basso at first but now he's gone, then I thought Ullrich was looking good, but now he's gone too. Looks like the Americans have a good chance of taking 1-5 this year as the other teams are taking themselves out. It's too bad but I think it's going to be good none the less. Horner is going to spice it up for some stage wins and the Discovery team has a few different stars that are going for the overall along with Julich and the CSC team. I think it will still be a good race.
I'll just eat my pizza while I stand at work these days and try and catch the updates when I'm done. Hey, at least the income is steady and I don't have to worry about being fresh or recovered for the next day!

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That looks like pizza from Al & Al's if I had to guess.