May 7, 2006

NORBA #1 XCST Results

Youch! I set up a yardsale today on the fastest corner in the race and am paying the price now. Blood running down the knees and elbows and bruises being iced that should be a good shade of yellow and grey by tomorrow.
It was worth it though, I was sitting on the Geoff Kabush train suffering like a dog before my world came crashing to a halt in a cloud of dust.
I lined up 2nd row behind JHK and was 5th around the first corner. It was almost easy sitting in the front, everything was so smooth and clean, the lines were good and the corners were way faster without 60 other dudes fighting you for them. I tried to keep my head on straight as the laps started ticking by, I kept looking back thinking the field was going to catch on but it was gone, just Adam and Decker were behind me making the bridge. Then, coming into the start/finish area is the high speed, sandy, right hand corner. It was usually pretty strung out there so I was full on the gas trying to close the gap down when I realized my bike wasn't under me and I was setting up yardsale. I picked myself up and turned my head back on straight but that was the end my race basically as I peddled around in a daze ultimately finishing 22nd. I think the only thing keeping me going was knowing that if I quit, I'd be starting in the back at the next one and that would be a bad thing.
It was a good experience though, being at the front, maybe I was a bit out of my element but what was I supposed to do, sit up and wait for the next group? Heck no!

That's the report, time to pack bikes.

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Anonymous said...

Good job! We missed you and Jeff Hall at the Iola Bump and Jump. There are tons of DNF's for the Sunday event- did they actually not do it or did they really drop out?