March 23, 2006

Road Bikes Are For Wimps

Today I busted out a 5 hour ride on the mountain bike and it wasn't too bad. The snow was coming down for a little while but not hard enough to get the roads too wet. I had to borrow a rear fender from Brian when I stopped by to pick him up cause it looked like it might get nasty, thankfully it never did. My feet actually stayed warm the whole time too so that was nice. Did a pretty cool loop with Brian out by Kiel and Elkhart lake before heading back and starting loop number 2 by myself out to Hingham and back.
I was pretty pumped cause the last 10 minutes of the ride I was busting out some pretty sweet wheelies, I think I might have finally acquired the gene, or at least I am real close. Then, out of nowhere I bonked and had to concentrate on getting home instead of the wheelie, luckily I was only 5 minutes away by that point.
Tomorrow is an easy day so I'm going to work on the wheelie a little more I think. I'm also going to try and dial in the new fuel since I haven't ridden it yet. I re-blead the disc brakes to get them a little tighter and played around with BB spacers to get the chainline a little better so it should be pretty well dialed in except seat position. I'm running a 2x9 this year and it will be interesting to test that out at Sea Otter.

Chris Shaw hooked me up with some sick new skins for Sea Otter and for training on. I've got these 26ers setup supermoto style for sliding around corners on, might as well, it's not like there's any trails to ride on around here - Braaaaaaaaap!



Wheelies and backin'er into corners. Now your talking my language. Keep on cranking out the miles Tristan. Looks like you'll be kicking ass and taking names this season.

Anonymous said...

yes.. someone talking moto.. thanks, I can't stand to read another sentence on wattage, power, intervals, etc.


cjs said...

Dump the granny! I did it 7 years ago have not gone back. Even on all of my 29ers, no granny! Tell Brian, (Matter?) that Chad Schut said, "Hi, from Traverse City."

Good luck to a great season, you better win the Triple Crown.


Martini said...

I am challenging you to a wheelie competition at sea otter, loser (to be judged by Meadows) has to cook a pre race meal of choice for the winner.... game on?

Tristan Schouten said...

OH, it's on!

Tristan Schouten said...

And after that you can double or nothing for "who's got the lighter Fuel".