March 10, 2006

Foggy Rides

The weather has been so sketchy here lately, yesterday was almost dangerously foggy to ride outside and with 70% chance of rain I probably should have thought of something else to do, but it was supposed to be a big ride day so I went for it. If anyone can guess the ski hill I rode to I should probably give you a prize, maybe like a powerbar or something. So foggy out that I couldn't even see the top of the huge 4oo ft ski hill!
I needed windshield wipers and a double visor, I was bummed with only one. The new Nike shades are really nice though. I had the orange lenses in and it seemed like it was sunny out all ride! I took them off to clear the water off at one point and the sky looked really really dark and I thought it was going to thunderstorm, then I put the glasses back on the sky looked like it had for the last 2 hours so I kept riding. Those lenses are going to have to stay in.
Still, the coffee tasted good. Even better, it was free, they only take cash, now I owe them. I should have taken pictures of the customers that were giving me looks, that would have been way more entertaining than a cup of joe and a helmet.
My feet stayed warm and dry too. Freddy hardcore fenders in full effect with Glad kitchen wrap around the shoes before the shoe covers go on. Good thing too cause I could wring out my shoe covers when I got back. Wet feet? Nope!
Fuel 110 update. If you have an hour and a drill, you can cut the weight of a bontrager bottle cage down quite a bit using an 1/8" bit. If you see me riding without a cage and looking withered and thirsty, it's cause it broke off. If I win the race, it's because it didn't!


Mitch Man said...

That would be you want me to the the runs too?

Bill Street said...

Do you think that is going to be the difference between you and Nick's bike? I think your going to have to get more creative than that.... See yah at breakfast ride tomorrow morning :)

jeremyb said...

pretty funny mate--drillium rules!

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