January 11, 2006

Time Warp - Part Two

To start with, the streak ended on day number 18 when the sun shone brightly for most of the day. Although there was a brief 5 minutes on Sunday when the sky appeared somewhat blue, I never actually saw the sun. There were also shadows on the ground and I had to use my windshield visor but it didn't last long so my count goes to 17 days.

Today I go back to July of 1982. At this point in time I was 4 months old!
Back in the day there was actually an entire magazine with all the races, sponsors, city's, course maps and prize lists for each of the "Superweek" races - Pretty good idea! Here are some pictures from the magazine.

The voice of "Superweek".

Shorty Shorts...

... and bikes that were WAY to big were the style.

And you couldn't talk about "Superweek" without a mention of Eddy's favorite rider - The "colorful Italian" Roberto Gagioli. This rider has to be the craziest of them all. I was told by a reliable source that often times "Gagi" would disappear from races and if you looked, he'd be hanging out behind a couple of cars or in a bus stop a block from the course, then a few minutes later, jump back in the race and take a prime for a couple hundred dollars. Gagioli is sitting second wheel below, and all that brown is his hair!

Another rider that has been racing since around 1982 - Steve Tilford.
This picture (Below center) actually came out of the 1991 Winning magazine but I couldn't pass it up. The quote says something about "Tilford prepares with girlfriend for the start of the USPRO race in Philly". And although it's a bit foggy, I'm sure you all recognize the rider in the picture to the right.


Anonymous said...

Dude, start proof-reading!

Doug said...

proof reading is over rated. Keep up the good blogging Tristan. By the way, how old does that make Tilly!?

Anonymous said...

I think he's 79-80 by now

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