December 4, 2005

W. E Steadman GP - South Kingston, RI - 12th

Miserable pretty much does a great job describeig the race on Saturday for me. It was just one of those days the race seems to go on forever and all you want is for it to end.
The field was stacked, no doubt the hardest field since Gloucester. It was cold too, miserably cold. So cold that the only thing I wanted to do was stand there a little longer with my jacket on, but without anyone to hand it off too at the start line I had to dump it early in the pile and stand there shivering wishing callup would go faster just so we could start.
I lined up 3rd row behind Wells thinking he would take me to the front, well, he forgot. 1/4 mile into the race I saw Wells rounding a corner in 3rd while I battled to stay inside the top 20. It didn't get much better as the usual second and third lap HANDS ARE NUMB set in and I struggled to hold onto the bars to brake and shift. Eventually the 4th lap HEY MY HANDS ARE THAWING OUT came around I managed to pick some groups off to move into low teens but that was all my sorry legs would muster and I pedalled around miserably for the next 5 laps wondering if my legs would ever open up and feel lighter than 500 pound chunks of cement. They didn't, but I did have enough to attack the last run up and hold off the group for 12th, definetly not the race I was hoping for but very very happy it was over.

During the race I heard the anouncer going nutz over Wells hopping the barriers and I just couldn't believe it, they were SOOOOOO stinkin' tall. I could barely run over them, I just couldn't believe he was actually hopping them, but he was!! Look!!! See!!! He was. Gzzz, I really need to come up with some game.

After the race I drove 20 miles over to Newport, RI and stayed at a Motel 6 for $35.99
It was actually the nicest $36 room I have ever stayed and probably should have cost $60 but I was pumped at $36. Had a half way decent burrito downtown Newport and called it a night. It's a pretty cool city on the ocean with two huge bridges that were pretty crazy, I'm sure in the summer it's a happening place.

Maybe someday Cyclingnews or Velonews will take a picture of me so I have some race pictures to post, but until then, I'll just give Todd Wells the publicity I need. Ah, well, he did hop the barriers.
Peace, I'm wasted!


BIWAN said...

maybe if you podium, they'll take get a picture of you!

Anonymous said...

your link to Tom's isn't working...