December 7, 2005

I am Currently...

  • Wondering what I'll do today
  • Wondering what day it is
  • Listening to Neil Young
  • Eating Oatmeal
  • Ranked 8th overall in the VERGE series
  • Ranked 74th in the UCI with 63 points
  • Wondering what I'll get for Christmas
  • Wondering if Martini found Margaritaville
  • Wondering what I'll do for lunch
  • Wondering what I'll do for dinner
  • Wondering what I'll do between lunch and dinner
  • Thinking about how long away lunch is yet

...Jittered out on SoGood Coffee

I'm curretly not doing anything else so I'll give a shout-out to Derek Prechtl founder of SoGood Coffee. Derek hooked me up with a couple bags of his new coffee (and a sweet t-shirt) up at the Iceman last month and with training slowing down I've now taken up coffee drinking again and this is really good coffee. An entire French press full has definitely blown me out since I have only been drinking tea for the last few months, but hey, what else is there to do and it was so good. Check out the site, you can order like a pound and have it shipped for like $15. I think he usually roasts his orders right before shipping them so the beans are the freshest you'll ever grind. Check it out!

Dougs gone mental.
What kind of guy are you?? I'll go for the underdog and pull for Barry Wicks, after myself of course, but lets be realistic.

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    Dan I. said...

    I noticed on that Jay Richards has donned you Midwest rider of the year. Award of beef jerky is on the way! Nice job on the CX results, and good luck this weekend.