December 24, 2005

Brian Matter Interview

I cought up with Brian a few days back during one of his vigorious training workouts to find out what He's been up to lately and what next year holds in store. Brian was more than willing to give some of his usuall saracasm and not so willing to give up some of his super secret training tips that I had hoped he would but he did divulge some information that I think everyone might want to take into consideration as the 2006 season begins.

>TS:When was the last time you rode your bike?
Bmatter: Three weeks ago....I rode the cross bike on the Saturday morning
breakfast ride...I won!

>TS: I've heard that you've done some of the Saturday morning rides
>are you up there in the mix at all or is Spiro and Dittrich still battling
>for the bragging rights?

Bmatter: last breakfast ride dittrich won...but somewhere in the woods he
turned around and ended up driving to the restaurant...i think he got spiro
that week...but spiros form is good

>TS: The last race we did together was the USGP in Gloucester, MA were you
>broke two front wheels and got sick, is this why you decided not to go to
>Nationals in RI?

Bmatter: Pretty much right on the money there...not....I wanted to stick
home win the state championships and beat you in the point series...mission
>TS: You did recover and came home to win the state cyclocross championships
>a month later, did that make up for not going to nationals?

Bmatter: yes i lost a tight one at the state championships last year...hmm
hmm I wanted some redemption.

Brian on his way to another triple crown

>TS: Ah yes, I remember I had pretty bad legs that day but I'm sure you know by now that the faster rider doesn't always win in cycling, hahaha!
>TS: So, You won cyclocross and mountain bike state championships this year and
>came in second at the road state championships by half a wheel, almost
>another triple crown. Do you think you can pull off any other type of
>crown next year since these seem to be your specialty?

Bmatter: i'll make something up...i'm pretty good at long as i
come close to winning some kind of triple crown i will continue to get
sponsored right?

>TS: I've seen you on national TV in the end zone of some Packer games, is
>this were you plan on putting your focus next fall or will you recommit to
>racing again?

Bmatter: watch for me again on new years day! whatever favre does i do
>TS: What are your goals for 2006, will you make a reappearance on the
>national circuit or go for the WORS overall again?

Bmatter: i'm doing whatever races you don't do so i can make more money
than you
>TS: Will you start your training earlier than May in 2006 for some better
>form going into those early season races, that seemed to be so key this
>when going for the WORS overall, or take another more relaxed approach and
>hope everyone burns out by the time your form comes around?

Bmatter: each year I push the envelope...maybe June 2006...depends on the
>TS: I've watched you out running 20 second wind sprints with your new
>is this a new style of training or is this something you taken from
>the Rocky movies?

Bmatter: I think I might have finally made it Pro!!!!!!
I am running the windsprints, doing plyometrics, aerobic, and anaerobic and
lifting weights anywhere from 1lb to 75lbs lots and lots of reps during the
holidays, anything heavier than that my new coach lifts with me. I am
training 10+ hours a day, and getting paid for it....does that count as pro
or what? Rocky kicked a little and so am I come 2006

Brian Matter with new coach Glenn(er)(da)
taking a brief moment from a 20 second sprint drill for the photo

TS: It definitely sounds like you should be seeing some improvements with a workout routine like that, training this early might even give you a shot at some sort of "Double Triple crown" attempt.
Anyway, good luck on the winter training and thanks for the interview.

Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds pretty serious...i guess you need goals in life. i mean how can you ever get to the triple triple if you can't get a double triple anyway.

Anonymous said...

you cant double stamp a triple stamp

Anonymous said...

I vote glenner for president