November 9, 2005

Farmington, CT

I made it out here late Sunday night and have spent the last few days riding and recovering from the drive and the race. The scenery is great but the roads are a bit too busy for my liking. The roads are super narrow and every car on the road trys to squeeze by you were there is no room. I've also learned that traffic is insane after 3:30pm and not worth riding or driving in for anything unless you like sitting through 3 red lights before you can finally make your turn.
I got out to the course today and did a little recon work. It seems to be pretty sandy but it's in a pretty cool park so I'm sure they'll have it laid out nice. I worked on some dismounts and run-ups for awhile and then headed home for a short run. It's pretty easy to train when you don't have anything else to do!
I did a double ride day yesterday. Rode in the morning and then hooked up with a group for a 2.5 hour night ride on gravel roads. It was pretty sweet, a bit chilly but I guess it's warmer than normal which so I'm happy. I've heard from a few people that there is some awesome mountain biking in the area but everyone has told me I'd get lost and never find my way back and probably get eat'n by a black bear when I finally give up so I'm waiting to find someone to guide me. I might have to try them anyway and see what happens, I'd like to see a bear anyway!


And the semi-pro poser is???

Yep, after downgrading to Semi-pro Brian was not able to repeat

the triple crown and took his frustrations out on Adam by

elbow slamming him after the race!


Anonymous said...

It snowed at last year's Farmington race, but it was a pretty good course. I think that we made 2 trips across the sand pit, but I'm not sure. We definitely went through it once. Good Luck.
Jake Stechmann

BIWAN said...

You know Brian learned that elbow slam from Mikey Mulburgh!

matter said...

I'm gonna drop the "Texas Cloverleaf" on Biwan if he keeps talkin smack...sweet link to the wrestling must be real busy if your linking that kind of stuff up