November 28, 2005

Capital Cross - Reston, VA - 4th

The race was really not that well attended since the promoter didn't even have to pay out the full 25 places that the UCI demands, I think only 20 guys started, but the thing of it was, I was called up dead last! I don't think they had a UCI start sheet and that left me starting behind 20 dudes and fighting my way up to front fo the race.
My legs were pretty tired from driving and all three of the guys that beat me hadn't raced the day before so between fresh legs, 2 of them tag teaming me, and me not feeling that great, I got worked over.
Charlie storm and Jon Hamblen basically attacked and countered me until I couldn't respond. I didn't actually know they were working together until Jon started yelling at Charlie to "go" at one point in the race, I was pretty mad about it considering they weren't even on the same team but it's part of racing I guess!
I put up a good fight until 3 to go when my legs gave way to the pressure and that was that, I rolled in for 4th. I think if I had been fresh it might have been different but it was fun racing both days so I guess it was worth it.

The race reporter liked that I came from Wisconsin and was impressed with the ride, check it out.
Elite Men, 18 starters

Charlie Storm (In land Construction/BTD) 58.512
Jon Hamblen (Fior di Frutta) 0.303
Ryan Leech (Fort-GPOA !) 0.354
Tristan Schouten (Trek/VW/Michelin) 1.395
Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo) 1.536
Greg Marini (Coffee Plus Inc) 2.037
Andy Applegate (Easton/Kona) 2.448
Greg Wittwer (Fort-GPOA !) 2.519
Dan Wilson (Henrys Bikes) 2.5710
Weston Schempf (FORT-GPOA!) 3.4111
John Degele (In land Construction/BTD) 5.29


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm disturbed that your phrasing made the Capital Cross Classic sound pretty bush league. The low UCI turnout was not because of anything the promoter did, but because he was dealt a lousy date. Even so, 250+ entries is nothing to sneeze at. Your beef with the call-ups is likewise misplaced. Promoters of UCI events pay a boat load of money to have UCI officials actually officiate the event. The promoter has absolutely no input to the call-up for UCI races. It it the responsibility of the UCI officials. Further, to insinuate that Storm and Hamblen were cheating to beat you (and that's how most people seem to be taking it) was just wrong.

Tristan, you haven't made any friends here. I STRONGLY suggest that you join the MAC's forum and make nice.

- Ken Getchell, Verge MAC Media Director

Tristan Schouten said...
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jon said...

the race was great, awesome course, plenty of spectators. it's the other riders loss for not showing up. we still had a good race and got a damn good workout.

as for working with charlie, he and i pulled for about 90% of the race when we were a four man group. you had plenty of opportunity to attack.

you are a strong rider for sure and when you learn how to race you'll be winning, no doubt. but, don't blame us for your loss because we were stronger and smarter the other day. we rode honestly, we just didn't cancel each other out by chasing one another.

Anonymous said...

tristan is a should see him race in WI...he is always teaming up with guys in other jerseys. jmoney hall will vouch. tristan is just sad that some old dudes beat him when he was going for the easy win by poaching the small race...he loves the hip sling tactic and if there was more than 18 dudes he would have used it a lot more...tristan take some free advice either go back to WI and watch the packers lose some more games or go race the big boys...then you'll at least have a good excuse for losing

Mom said...

Wow! You sure took some heat for your comments in your blog. What was that all about? Are you the blog administrator or did someone else delete some comments? Are you a big enough racer that other competitors read your stuff and even care what you write? I really don't get what the big deal was.


Anonymous said...

I'm still behind you tristan!! I don't care what this guy is says you should have got the call up based on your points. I think the guy is taking this all a little to serious. Best of luck at nationals.

Bill St.