October 2, 2005

Two Scoops of W's

Photo from Madcross.org
Quote of the day:
Wher'ed everyone go, this isn't very hard???

2nd quote of the day:
We should run these barriers instead of
bunnyhopping just to make it harder!
Matt Kelly

Fall Color Festival
Photo courtesy of

You can't complain about your weekend too much when you win two races back to back.
Saturday was the Fall Color festival which I guess isn't a "race", it's a "timed event" but I'll still chalk it up in the "W" column since we had numbers pinned on. 3 laps of the blue loop ( or two, and one of the green if you're Sarah Kylander-Johnson) for a 30 mile, 2 hour race.
It was pretty fun actually. I didn't know the trail and it wasn't marked at all ( ask Sarah) so I let the locals rip it up for the first 2 laps before I got the local lines dialed in and had to push the pace a bit. This one dude on a single speed was going pretty fast too, I didn't even know he was on a single speed till I saw him after the race. He got 2nd!

Hung out at the Kelly's Saturday night and Matt showed me a bit of the local Lake Mills scene, pretty standard Wisconsin I guess.
Sunday Matt and I headed to Delafield for opening day of Wisconsin cross racing. The start line looked to be pretty promising for a good hard race, Bryan Smith, Jordan R., Ehrendale F., Blue jersey dude, Matt Kelly, and Myself but 30 feet into the race it was blown apart with just 3 of us. After the first lap I attack, Matt jumps on my wheel and it's race over. We pretty much chill for the next 45 minutes as the gap grows. Finally with 2 laps to go Matt attacks and it's game on. We go back and forth a few times before Matt throws down one last shot. I was able to stick to the wheel and the second he sat down I blasted past him gaining about 20 feet. I was able to hold it over the last barrier bunny hop and around the last few corners to take the win AND the free burrito!
Anyway, it was a pretty fun weekend of racing and hanging out. Hopefully my legs hold that form now for Sheboygan next Sunday, I could actually afford to BUY the burrito if I can win that!

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