October 11, 2005

Still recovering

Wow, it really must have been a hard race cause I'm still blown out from it!
It's nice that I can take it easy this week though and not stress about riding at all now that it is finally over. My brain was pretty fried from thinking about that race for so long so it's really nice to know it's over and it all paid off. I can't believe that race use to be 2 weeks later in October than it was this year

What a great race though!! Fat Kats, PCW, and Wigwam put on one heck of a race!! There were so many people out there and it was awesome having so many fans out around the course cheering for me. Homefield advantage I guess!!

I finally got my new Trek XO1 cross bike this weekend. It's going to be crazy light and crazy fast. So many carbon parts that it might float away when I dismount. I probably won't even have to lift it over the barriers, it'll take off by itself! Check back for pictures soon, it's in the final stages of being built up so when the bar tape is applied I'll take some shots to show off what Bontrager can do with carbon. Not to mention I did splurge with my prize money and bought an Alpha Q cross fork for it. If you've never seen an Alpha Q cross fork you need to check this thing out, it's sweeeeet!


Jordan Peterson said...

How much did that set you back?

Anonymous said...

how come home course advantage didn't work for me?...are you out of bed yet?

BIWAN said...

Now your a PRO! It's about time you got off that Giant! Good luck with the Cross season. I've now officially started my "beer Season" I've had a beer every night since Saturday night and my road bike still doesn't have a front wheel on it. Is that sweet or what! Peace T-bag!