October 15, 2005

Cross Weekend

It's going to be a quick weekend with two WCA races going on. Today we race way over by Iowa and the next day in Verona. It's going to be a lot of driving but it should be pretty fun. The goal for me is to win more money than we spend on gas, it's going to be close since we normally only win like $25 for first.

I've got my new XO1 together but still don't have the Alpha Q fork or carbon bars and stem on because of some length issues but it is up and running. I think I might use it this weekend anyway. Check out the crank setup I have going on, it's pretty pro! I spent about two hours trying to get it spaced right on the crank but after grinding some unnecessary metal off the chainguard I finally got it installed.

C ya at the races


Doug said...

Tristan are you using 2 salsa guards on there? With a 42? Did you buy some longer bolts? Looks sweet.

Tristan Schouten said...

Yep, two chainguards (now that I'm super paranoid about just using one) with 13mm problem solver bolts. Some custom grinding and 2.6mm chainring bolt spacers on the outside of the chainring to space out the outer chainring guard. Now you know the secret!!!