September 22, 2005

Head'n to D town

Rosie's field, right behind Schaning

This is where Chad Sova threw down a serious attack.

So it's another Thursday night and I am loading up my car again heading to Detroit, MI for the UCI cross races. I think it's going to be pretty tough being a UCI race plus I haven't exactly been practicing all that much since it's still really early in the season for cross racing. Hopefully my XC fitness prevails over my bad cross form and I can do allright. I guess I'll find out when we hit the first barrier at 20 mph.

At least I'm not going to WORS race though this weekend! I feel bad for all you WORS heads head'n to Kewaskum, with all the rain this last few days on all that fresh mowed grass it's going to feel like you're riding around on a wet sponge. That should be fun. At least it wont be muddy since it's all on the grass!

Hopefully I'll get a update in on the cross race but we'll see how it goes.
Peace, I'm out

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